To visit the country of Odin, Thor and Frey……..

“j’étais attiré vers les régions hyperboréennes, comme l’aiguille aimantée vers le Nord, sans savoir pourquoi. […] …… Au surplus, j’aime les pays froids par tempérament : la Scandinavie faisait mon affaire . . . . . . . . . . . . .— Jules Verne, 1861

Reiseskildring Skandinavia 2003

-All illustrations are from The Moe Collection-


Jules Verne is one of the world’s most translated and widely read authors, but only some of his books have been translated into Norwegian.To many Norwegians it is uknown that several of the author’s books have relations to Norway. Verne´s books, letters and notes are still beeing researched. Many key aspects of his writing has been known only in the last decade. This website presents knowledge about the Norwegian Jules Verne connection. Several of his Norway related texts are published in Norwegian for the first time here, on
“All this is beautiful beyond description, and is the most charming country in the world. To express it briefly; Dal is in Telemark, The Telemark is in Norway and Norway is Switzerland with thousands of fjords, which allows the sea to break against the foot of the mountains.” – Jules Verne, 1886

– 150 years –
Images from The Norwegian Jules Verne calendar: